About us


Located in the center of Montreal’s jewelry district, A.R.Z Group has established its name by being the first company to introduce stainless steel jewelry in Canada starting with just a few models. Today, with over 2000 products to choose from, our mission is to not only offer the widest selections of metals ranging from sterling silver to stainless steel, but to also provide our clients with excellent service.

The success of A.R.Z Group Inc. is greatly attributed to the leadership and visionary ability of Isik Shlomo, the president of the company. With more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, his role as a visionary has enabled the company to continually thrive and expand in this competitive fashion industry. Isik’s determination to provide consumers with high-end luxury jewelry made of stainless steel, crystals, and silver was his answer to inflated gold prices. He discovered how to offer quality jewelry to customers regardless of their personal budget. This passionate ambition birthed the creation of A.R.Z Steel in 2006. That was followed by the launching of A.R.Z Crystals four years later.

A.R.Z Group Inc. is able to create such stunning and timeless fashion pieces because of our young and talented designers. Yves Shlomo who also serves as the co-founder of the company is A.R.Z Groups’s Leader of our designers team. Yves’ creativity and attention to details have proven to be unprecedented in the fashion community. He devotes countless amounts of time doing market research in order to stay up-to-date with modern fashion trends. This has made him the cornerstone of our product line’s creativity and uniqueness. Yves has a great understanding of what the customers want when it comes to fashion and jewelry. As a result, A.R.Z® Jewelry Collections remains consistent with the constant changes of fashion trends. Consequently, stainless steel jewelry and crystal jewelry provided by A.R.Z Group Inc. remains attractive, unique, affordable, and competitive in the fashion industry.


Our Brands:

A.R.Z STEEL – Stainless steel jewelry

A.R.Z Steel for Her – Stainless steel jewelry for women

A.R.Z Crystals – Everyone deserves to shine – Made with Swarovski® Elements

Sylvéa Italy 925 – Sterling silver jewelry made in Italy.


Thanks to our customers across Canada and the U.S. we are a strong growing business able to offer value and quality to our clients.

A.R.Z Group Inc. aims to launch a new brand every year, with its own specific concentration and market. This can mean anything from a new medium to an entirely new focus. We are simply dedicated to moving forward.